Intellectual Property

Copyright termination rights: recording artists in America fight

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Copyright termination rights

This article about copyright termination rights originally appeared on Intellect – the MinterEllison technology, communications and IP blog in 2011. You can read all of their articles here and I recommend you subscribe. It’s the hot sticky summer of 1978 in New Jersey. Standing on the boardwalk is a young, hungry 20-something guitar hero, singing his songs about love and […]

Big Data

Big Data: Why Big Data is Big News

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big data

Big Data is going to be a challenge for many companies in the immediate future. More than 37% of large companies surveyed indicated that they agreed with this statement. The drivers for managing and capitalising on Big Data are clear. For example, if the average Fortune 1000 company increased the usability of its data by […]


Spam Email: Spamalot – now for something completely different

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spam email

In this article I will explore the history of spam email, recent breaches of the Spam Act which resulted in the offenders being fined up to $160,000 for sending spam email and how your business can send marketing emails that are legal by remembering ‘The Rule of 3’. Question about spam email Let me ask you a […]

Contract Law

Van Halen, M&Ms and why you must read a services contract

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services contract

Van Halen and services contracts…really? What does the rock band Van Halen and M&Ms have to do with the need to carefully read a standard form services contract? Let me tell you a story…It starts with the well known extravagant backstage demands of modern pop stars. As you may know, their agents and lawyers painstakingly […]