Brexit: What it means for Fintech in Ireland and the UK

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Fintech Brexit

Financier Worldwide recently interviewed me about the potential effects Brexit will have on the UK’s fintech industry. You can read all of Richard Summerfield’s great article here. This story made me think. What about the effect Brexit will have on fintech the UK’s closest neighbour, the Republic of Ireland? With the two countries having so […]


Fintech in Ireland: Investment and Innovation

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FinTech in Ireland

The text of this Fintech in Ireland article originally appeared in the January 2016 edition of PaymentCompliance magazine and is reproduced here with permission. You can subscribe to PaymentCompliance here Introduction Since the 1980s Ireland has transformed itself into a global hub for technology and international financial services (IFS). In 2015 the Irish government published “A Strategy […]

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing contract: 8 clauses to beware

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cloud computing contract

Cloud computing contracts are big news. Previously, I examined some techniques and tactics that customers can use to help them when negotiating cloud computing contract clauses with vendors.  However, it may not always be possible to negotiate your cloud computing contract if the vendor is a large company, or is offering you an ‘off-the-shelf’ product. […]